High Value Targets (HVT) is a term borrowed from the US military. Wikipedia defines a high value target (HVT) as “a target (a person or resource) that an enemy commander requires to complete a mission.” The business world takes a slightly different approach to the idea of HVTs.

Why don’t we first look at the difference between High Value Targets and Low Value Targets.

Low Value Targets are products, experiences, activities, etc. They produce little to no results towards important objectives.

High Value Targets are an exercise, activity or engagement that will yield the highest returns toward your important objectives.

We all have limited resources. These resources can be described as ATTENTION, FOCUS, ENERGY, MONEY and so on. The most important resource of all is TIME. Time is the one thing we never get back no matter how hard we work, how much we try, time is a limited commodity. What our number one daily goal must be is to focus on that which brings forward the best return for the use of our limited resources. There are just 24 hours in each day to cram in sleeping, eating, working and free time. Every single day we must pick and choose resources to utilize that allow us to achieve our most valuable objectives efficiently and effectively.

So while it seems like sometimes you must take the time to respond to hundreds/thousands of emails, you must ask yourself if spending hours a day on email is really the most valuable use of your limited resources. Many other entrepreneurs I know typically try to limit email to about 1 hour a day, usually first thing in the morning. This helps them stay on track, maintain focus and engage the High Value Targets.